Silo tanks


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Frac Tanks
400 barrel upright tank

These tanks come complete with variable suction and transfer valves. Tanks have sloped bottoms, steam coils, fall arrests and easy to read gauge boards

Flare Tanks
Skidded flare tanks (all styles with or without electronic igniter)

Header style/stacked style

Flare Tanks come in different sizes and styles and are useable on class 1A wells to class 4 wells. All tanks meet or exceed EUB minimum standards and come with diagrams and information letters. Most have adjustable inlets for easy rigging up. To complete the system, line and weights, degasser line, HCR valves and degasser hoses are available. In the Header Style Flare Tank, burn boxes with propane torches are installed to keep fluid contained and fire controlled. In the Stacked Style Flare Tank, each has a propane torch to self-light

Drive-in Shale Tanks
Skidded tank w/fold down ramps

Skidded shale bins

These Drive-in Shale Tanks come in various sizes with fold down ramps.

All Tanks have boom arms with winches for hanging pumps. Also provided are several sizes of Closed-in Shale Bins

Floc Tanks
Skidded low profile floc tank

These Floc Tanks are designed to be stacked and hauled two at a time or one of our Flare Tanks can be loaded into the larger end compartment to save on trucking costs. Floc Tanks have four compartments, which allow for shale to be dumped in one end and removed with a vacuum truck while leaving three compartments for flocing. The fourth compartment has a 2” mud gun to loosen up shale. Tanks are also equipped with a fold down walking pad for safer access to the tank and vacuum suction lines. Small boom arms with winches for hanging pumps are installed on all tanks with several mounting positions. There is a short wall or weir before each divider in our Floc Tanks to change the flow of the liquid. After installing the weirs, field tests have indicated an overall savings of two to four loads of water per well reducing the cost of water, chemicals and disposal

Combination Shale/Floc Tanks
A skidded low profile shale tank and floc tank in one

These stackable and versatile combination tanks feature a skidded low
profile floc tank on one side and a shale collection compartment on the
other.  The shale side of the tank has a specially designed half-wall
allowing for easy shale cleanout via the use of a loader.

High Sided Shale Bins
Skidded 40’ long 8’ high nestable
These 40’ long, 10’ and 12’ wide shale bins can be rented as a matched
nesting pair, designed to be transported as a single load to save on
trucking costs.

Shaker Tanks
These tanks feature a 40’ floc tank, with a built on Swaco Mongoose shaker
and two 4” x 10 hp Trash Pumps (included).

Pre-mix Tanks
Skidded 200 to 450 barrel

Various sizes of Pre-mix Tanks powered by diesel or electric motors are available. All Pre-mix Tanks have agitators, mud guns and steam heaters. Serviced and ready to go, all Pre-mix Tanks are stocked with fuel, extra oil filters, lights, etc.

Stripping/Dewatering Tanks
D&D stripping tanks were developed with feedback from customers who wanted
to reduce transportation costs to and from location.  The tank gives our
customers the flexibility to transport all of the solids control components
needed in a drilling program to location in a single load.  These stripping
tanks not only reduce transport costs, they also reduce road usage, damage
and costly repairs.

These tanks are designed to take impure fluids and revert them back to
reusable water.  The tanks are equipped with hydraulic stands to accommodate
any centrifuge, which aids in the stripping process on a drilling site, or a
rig less environmental cleanup site.

These tanks offer a unique mixing system and settling tank for flocculation;
a self-contained hydraulic lifting centrifuge stand capable of mounting up
to 3 centrifuges; and a polymer mixing tanks with a variable speed injection
system for de-watering or floc water drilling operations.