Silo tanks

Other Equipment

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Manifold shacks
Mobile secondary choke manifold for a kick-on drilling rig
3 1/8 5000lb single gut manifold c/w piping

other equipment PicMatting
4’ x 10’ rig matting
4’ x 12’ rig matting
4’ x 16’ rig matting
4’ x 18’ rig matting
6’ x 20’ rig matting (triple skid)
8’ x 10’ rig matting (triple skid)
8’ x 12’ rig matting (triple skid)
8’ x 20’ rig matting (triple skid)
8’ x 30’ rig matting (triple skid)
8’ x 40’ rig matting (triple skid)

NOTE: All Matting has 6” beams, pickup throats and 4 shackles for loading and handling

Trash Receptacles
Designed to make it easy for field hands to throw in filters and plastics rather than drop them on the ground or toss them in the back. Oil funnel for easy dumping and no spillage. Meets strict environmental standards

Power Tongs
Tubing Tongs 7/8”-3 ½” Farr Model 74-295
Tubing Tongs 1 ½”-7” Farr Model 58-2
Rod Tongs ½”-1 1/8” Farr Model 76.9
Tubing Tongs 1”-3 ½” Farr Model 74-296
Sucker Rod Tong 5/8”-1 1/8” Mark V

Tongs: Web Wilson Type C Tongs (w/1 Jaw 2 3/8” to 10 ¾”)
Web Wilson Type C Tong Jaws
BJ Tubing Tong Type F Tongs

Loader complete with 3 yard buckets, fork/grapple combination and tire chains

Steam Heater
12” Roughneck 110 Volt
24” Roughneck 110 Volt
32” – 110 Volt
42” Roughneck 1 ½ HP 220/460v
1” Steam hoses with hammer unions

Frost fighters
Diesel burning w/dual outlets and 25’ of 12” hose

Power Swivel
85 ton Bowen self-contained
Mounted on trailer
Also able to carry drill collars

Casing Circulating Swedges and Chic-san Swivels
4 ½” to 13 5/8” swedges are available Chic-san swivels

NOTE: Inspection charges to be completed when equipment returned as follows:
Re-cuts on swedges 4 ½” to 7”
Re-cuts on swedges 8 5/8” and up

Casing Cutters
¾” to 2”
2” to 8”

Cement Retaining Blocks
2’x2’x4’ square blocks

Sea Can Fuel Storage Containers – skidded sea can design; 3 x 2500 litre double walled diesel tanks, 110 volt electric fuel pump, 25’ hose reel and nozzle and spill kit
Skidded Fuel Storage – 1 or 2 500 gallon double walled fuel tanks with 12 volt electric fuel pump and 12’ hose and nozzle
Sea Can Storage Containers – 10’ or 20’ lengths, some with cabinets for small item storage, 110 volt chain hoists and built-in lighting.  The electric 500 kg capacity chain host runs the full length of the sea can on a trolley system and extends out the front of the unit.  This setup allows for safe and easy loading and unloading of heavier equipment.

Rig phones – with easy to setup 110 volte operation; 5 wireless telephone handsets with individual charging stations, explosion proof doghouse ringer and telephone and one control box.
Rig/jobsite cellular booster –  provides cellular boosting to large areas such as rig locations with limited cellular coverage.  Uses high gain Yagi style antennas to ensure the best signal strength and quality is achieved. Large cable lengths are included with the boosting units to allow for optimal derrick mounting antenna positions.
Portable cellular boosters – 12 volte DC or 11 volt AC operation; compact rugged pelican case enclosure; indoor/outdoor antennas; 3 watt amp (provides 20 x power and signal range of a cell phone); greatly reduces dropped calls, increases data rates and no physical connection to your cell phone required. Hand held 2 way radios – compact, high quality radios available with gang style or individual charges.  Also available with corded microphone for ease of use.

Mud can
42” mud can

Planks (for sale)
2”x4” rough cut
(16’ and 20’ cut to size)
3”x12” planks
(10’, 12’ and 16’ cut to size)