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Light Towers

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Towable Light Towers
6kW w/4 lights

8kW w/4 lights
14kW w/4 lights
20kW w/4 lights

Our light towers have many features to help save on fuel costs, ensure
efficient intervals between servicing and reduce overall downtime:

The majority of our light towers feature a hydraulic mast raising
system to make setup fast and easy.

Another cutting edge add-on included in our newer 8kW light towers
is a system called Light Sequence Commander.  This versatile piece of
technology allows the light tower to safely and automatically shut itself
down in a multitude of situations, such as low fuel level, low oil pressure
and high water temperature.  The most attractive feature of this system is
its integrated photo sensor and programmable timer which enables the unit to
automatically shut itself down at a predetermined time, or simply as
daylight approaches.